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I am a board – certified general surgeon with fellowship training in bariatric surgery. I graduated from University of Illinois medical school in 2006 and completed my general surgery residency at University of Louisville in 2011.  After residency I completed a 1 year minimally invasive surgery fellowship with a focus in bariatric surgery at Norton Women’s and Childrens hospital in Louisville, KY.  Eventually, I joined my fellowship directors as a partner in their practice.  The bulk of my surgeries are bariatric but I still perform general surgery as well. 

Procedures performed

Gastric bypass

Sleeve gastrectomy

Adjustable gastric band surgery (Lap-Band)

Revisional bariatric surgery

Robotic Hernia repair

Laparoscopic gallbladder and appendix surgery

Skin and soft tissue surgery

Colon / intestinal surgery

Emergency general surgery.


Why choose weight loss surgery?

If you are like most of my patients, making the decision to have weight loss surgery is not something you have come to easily.  Chances are you have tried diet after diet after diet and nothing has worked.  I know, I hear it from nearly every patient that walks in my door.  Weight loss surgery can be the tool that you need to finally achieve the weight loss that you desire and get to be the healthiest version of yourself in years.





Q: Does insurance pay for bariatric surgery?

A: Yes, most insurance companies do cover bariatric surgery.  This may depend on your specific policy however. 


Q: How long will I be in the hospital?

A: Due to my own unique "enhanced recovery" protocol, most of my patients only stay in the hospital 1 night


Q: When can I go back to work after surgery?

A: 1-2 weeks depending on your line of work


Q: Do I have to lose weight before surgery?

A: All of my patients are put on a liver shrinking diet for at least 2 weeks before surgery.  Occasionally, depending on how you are built, we will ask you to lose some additional weight before surgery

Q: How do I know if I qualify?

A: you must have a BMI >40 or a BMI >35 with a obesity-related co-morbidity.  Click Here to calculate your BMI


Q: What do I do next if I'm interested in pursuing weight loss surgery

A: Fill out the form below to get registered for one of my Free, Virtual surgery seminars. 

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