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Why I created this site

Welcome to my site! I am so excited to finally launch this as it has been an idea of mine for quite awhile. I felt like I needed a resource for future and past patients of mine to go and get information and learn a little bit more about me.

Surgeons are pretty typical people. They operate on you and then most never see you again after your follow up visit. In bariatric surgery this is different. I see my patients for years after their surgeries to make sure that they have the knowledge and support they need to use their operation to it's maximum benefit. Sometimes (certainly not always) this can be tricky and sometimes patients need a lot of help and guidance.

In today's medical landscape doctors are not given enough time to devote to some patient's needs. I thought for many years that if a patient has a specific problem, concern, or question, it would be nice to have a website to refer them to that I trusted to have reliable and accurate information. So....... here we are. I am going to be posting videos and articles on topics that commonly come up with my patients and sharing them here so that they can help a broader audience and I can make sure every one of my patients gets the help that they need.

If there is a topic that interests you and you would like to know more about, drop me a note through the submission form on this site and I will try to get to all of them.

Be Well,

Dr. Sweeney


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