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I heard something recently and it really can resonate with everyone. Whether you are battling obesity, depression, personal struggles, addiction, or so much more, this is applicable to almost everyone and so I wanted to share.

The concept is that YOU get to choose your "HARD".

Being depressed is hard. Being obese is hard. Being addicted to a substance is hard. And guess what..... Choosing to go to therapy is hard, choosing a different diet and lifestyle is hard and going through rehab is hard.

So the question is, which "HARD" are you going to choose. For the purposes of this discussion I will focus on obesity since that is my specialty.

-Being overweight is hard

-Changing your diet and lifestyle is hard

-which "hard" are you going to choose? Which "hard" will make you happier in the long run? Show up everyday, and some days will be harder than others and choose your "Hard".

in health,

Dr. Sweeney

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